Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marvel Comics to the Big Screen

There has been XMen (times three) Spiderman (another three times) Hulk (done twice) and Ironman. Although each Marvel movie has not individually pushed DC Comic's Dark Knight off the comic book film throne, they have ranked in enough profit to create more driven films on their most popular characters, this time Wolverine.

Played by Hugh Jackman, not only will Wolverine be taking on his classic enemy, Sabretooth, but Deadpool will meet up with Emma Frost and Gambit which will ensure comic enthusiasts a fill of their most beloved XMen players. Jackman himself promises comic enthusiasts excitement and accuracy, "I can guarantee you there are going to be surprises. David Benioff, who wrote the script, is one of the great writers in in Hollywood, and he is the biggest comic book fans in the history of the world. There is not an issue of Wolverine or X-Men that he doesn't own. When he first pitched me the idea, he had such a brilliant idea that was his little twist on events. He's written it smartly. He knows what the fans want."

Check out the Official Trailor:

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