Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Vast Fields of Ordinary

Nick Burd's debut novel follows Dade Hamilton through his final summer before he heads off from his home in the suburbs of Cedarville to college at Fairmount in Michigan. Dade's transition into freedom includes everything from coping with his parents divorce and extramarital affairs, to coming out about his own homosexuality. His secret relationship with the school's best looking Latino athlete, Pablo Soto, leaves both him and Pablo struggling to find themselves and comfort with their feelings for one another. When Dade meets Lucy and becomes confident in himself, his new found sense of bold exploration puts in the relationship he dreamed of.

The novel packs three months into 300 pages of struggle, hope, depression, love, and devastation. Taking a new twist on the normal teen novel, this addresses mature themes from the perspective so many young adults know so well.

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