Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Perfect Boy

Hailey Abbott's The Perfect Boy can be dumped into the pile of those teen novels that are no great work of literary genius, but you managed to read in a couple hours because you couldn't get past the drama and the never ending love triangles. Following Ciara as she leaves behind her famous soap star Mother for a summer with her Dad in Santa Barbara, we get to watch her attempt to land a budding hip hop emcee...along with her best friend. The two of them just so happen to be friends with his ex as well. Trying everything from revealing clothes to some sultry dancing, both girls fail in the end as emcee AJ hooks back up with his ex. In the end all find a love of their own and learn a thing or two about themselves. If you're looking for points to score with your AP English teacher, this novel won't land you that, but if you're looking for a good guilty read, The Perfect Boy and Abbott's other Summer Boys are a start.

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