Friday, August 5, 2011

Song.Rap.Poem. Contest

Building Healthy Communities East Salinas is sponsoring a song/rap/poem contest. The contest is open to all Salinas youth ages 13 to 21. Youth are invited to submit a song/rap/poem/spoken word that will inform friends, students, and family members what a healthy community would look like in their eyes. Be creative and persuasive in your message. Please resist from using profanity and make it something that BHC will be able to use as a promotional tool.
How to Enter:

1. Submit a recorded rap or song as an MP3 file along with written lyrics to

2. Submit a link to a YouTube video of you performing your rap or song to

3. Make sure to include "BHC Contest" in the title of your song file or YouTube video.

If you need technical assistance in creating your video/recording please let us know how we can assist you.


(Teams of up to four members are welcome but please keep in mind that there will only be one prize awarded per winner).

1st prize winner will be awarded a Brand New Laptop.

2nd Prize winner will be awarded an IPod.

3rd Prize winner will be awarded $75 Gift Card.

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